Contact Management


Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your vital contact information and contact activity stored in one convenient location?  A contact manager is a service that enables our clients to easily store and find contacts data, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers.

One of the more difficult tasks for organizations is to capture and manage the information about the people in your organization and connected to your organization in one location. With Xylem Software, our services are based on managing all this information within a single, integrated platform.

In addition to full integration, the Xylem contact databases are structured to allow unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, etc., so that your organization can keep up with the expanding communication options of the participants in your organizations.

Examples of the data we can capture include:

   • Phone numbers 
   • Physical Addresses 
   • Email IDs 
   • Social Media IDs (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 
   • Personal Notes

 Specific Features include:

Secure Contact Database - All of your contacts can be added to your database, and will be available anywhere you can access the internet.  With Xylem, you can add an unlimited number of contacts; there is NOT an upcharge for large number of contacts.
Email List Management - You can create an unlimited number of email lists that meet the needs of your  organization.  Each list can be tailored for the specific contacts you want to reach.
Email Blast Service - After your contacts are loaded and your lists are created, you can create email blasts that send your email out to everyone in your selected lists with the push of a button.  At present, there are no limitations on the number or size of email blasts that you can send out.
Newsletter signup on Website - Xylem provides the capability to add a newsletter signup function to your website.  If it is appropriate for you organization, you can add this function and new contacts will automatically be added to you contact database, as well as be added to your default email list.