Online Store
Cheap, easy sotre on the web.Xylem provides the ability for you to set up your own online store on the Web.  This is an amazing value for less that $10 per month.  Especially when you realise that there are no limits on the number of categories and number of product or services that you can sell.
The same system (Xylem Manager) that allows you to update your website when needed is also the tool used to update your store.

One of the more difficult things about setting up your own store on the web is creating and managing a Merchant Account to process credit cards and to collect your money.  Xylem makes that a very simple you can complete in just a few minutes without leaving Xylem Manager.
Please note that this online store does NOT provide a fulfillment function; it is your responsibility to get the product or service you are selling to your customer.  This is consistent with virtually all online store functions.
Specific features we provide:

Easy and secure process to manage your store - Update your store right from your Xylem Manage account.  Add categories, add products, review orders anywhere you can conect to the internet.
Unlimited categories and unlimited products or services - Most online store subscriptions increase your subscription amount based on larger number of products or categories as you grow.  With Xylem, there is only the one addon fee; it does not change based on the number of product or services you sell.
Unlimited orders - Xylem does not have upcharges for increasing order volume.
Merchant Account - We help you set up your own merchant account.  Xylem uses WePay, one of the fastest growing online payment processors, to process your customers payments to you. It is important for you to know that Xylem does not handle the actual payments to your account.  All payments are taken directly by Wepay on their secured servers.  WePay is fully PCI compliant.  You will have your own WePay account that will process your payments and hold your funds until you are ready for them.  Only you can access your WePay account.  Xylem has no access to our clients’ WePay accounts.  WePay does have an option for you that will sweep any collected funds into your checking account daily after they are cleared.  Please contact us if you have additional questions about the Merchant Account process.
Fees - We provide one of the lowest fee structures in the business.  All fees are based on each transaction. One checkout equals one transaction.  In order to process each order, we charge 2.9% of the order dollar total, plus a $0.40 fee for each transaction.   These charges are deducted from your net on the transaction, and therefore should be taken into account when you establish your pricing.  There are no charges for failed checkouts.
Email order notification - In addition to providing you a list of active orders on Xylem Manager, we alos have the option of sending an email notification when a new order has ben received.  THis is particularly helpful for stores that do limited volume, and Xylem Manger is not being checked regularly.