Advanced Website

Unlimited Pages - There are no limites on the number of pages you can add to your Advanced Website.

Slideshows - Slideshows add a level of animation and excitement to a site that can have an impact on the retaining visitors as well as promoting your organization.

Photo Galleries - With the Advanced option, you can add a photo gallery to your site that can contain as many albums or photographs as you need.

Secure Pages for members - For some websites, there may be a need to post information or pictures that should be available to members of the organization, but should not be available to the general public. We provide an option to secure some of your pages so that only your members with logons and passwords can view or interact with those pages. This is especially important if there is a need to comply with COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or other privacy regulations. This function is only available jf you subscribe to the Advanced Website with Contact Management. With those options, there is no additional charge for the secured pages.

YouTube Videos - Want to take your website to the next level of excitement for your visitors?  Add as many youtube videos as you wish to your website.

Streaming Audio - The Advanced option provides the ability to add streaming audio to your website if that is something that your organization needs.  We even have clients with internet radio on their site!

RSS Feeds -  For those not familiar with RSS feeds, this option allows you to publish constantly refreshing news feeds from news organizations or even a parent organization.  The Advanced option allows you to add one or more RSS feeds to your website

Twitter Feeds - Love to tweet?  Have someone elses tweets that you would like to feature on your website?  Add a Twitter feed to one of your website pages with this option of the advanced site.
Accept Donations - For charitable or non-profit websites, we provide the ability to accept donations from anyone anywhere.  We support both one-tome donations as well as donations on a monthly basis.  For organizations depending on donations for their financial health, this option can be a powerful tool to support the mission of your organization.