Basic Website
cheap inexpensive websitesThe basic website represents one of the best.  overall values around for those need a simple but effective home on the internet.  Our Basic package includes the following:

No Templates - Unlike most inexpensive website options today, we create a unique website for your organization.  You do not have to select from a template.

We set up your website for you! - No need to do it yourself, we provide a full initial setup for your website.  Just send us your content information within the first two weeks of signing up, and everything will be loaded for you.

Simple update capability - Very easy to update.  If you can use Microsoft Word, the you can update the content on your new website.  . 

Social Media - You can add visual links to you Facebook and Twitter pages.

Page Limits - There is a 10 pag limit on the Basic Website.

Graphic Design Available - If you have special graphinc needs for yourwebsite, we have expert Graphic Designers that can provide you with what youneed. There is an upcharge for specialized graphic design services.

Contact Us - With the Basic package, you get a Contact Us form that will allow guests at your website to send you emails with questions or comments.