Why Xylem?

Our goal at Xylem is to provide the best possible online services for non-profit and for-profit organizations at the lowest possible cost. Below is a list of some of the reasons we feel the Xylem product is the best value in the marketplace today. 

Xylem is the perfect mix of full-service website creation and self-service maintenance.

Many clients are very nervous about taking on some of the Do-It-Yourself options today available online.  They would like to have someone help them by doing the basic setup of the website, then allow them to make updates to their calendars, pricing, or other information.  At Xylem, we understand your concerns, and will always set your website up for you initially.  After that you can make as many changes as you want without any additional charges, or the need to wait on us.  Of course if you are ever stuck or confused, we are there to help, unlike the Do-It-Yourself options.

Xylem is more than just a website.

We also understand that every organization is made up of and interfaces with people, whether they are volunteers, customers, members, parents, etc.  These people are usually both inside and outside you organization.  We understand that sometimes there is urgent information that you need to make sure everyone sees quickly.  You cannot always rely on a everyone looking at your website in a timely manner.

To help our clients stay in touch, we provide a contact manager that allows you to store and maintain your groups of "people", and to maintain them over time.  We also provide an email manager that allows you to send out email blasts to any of the groups that you have defined.

Xylem is fully integrated. 

Unlike most of the products in this marketplace, Xylem is fully integrated across all its functions. The reason that we are substantially more integrated is that Xylem is designed around a central database, and all functions are designed around that database. Most of the other products were developed over time, and utilize separate data structures. This can result in re-entering that same information more than once, and a need to "syncronize" different functionality within the system. 

With Xylem, each piece of information is entered only once, and is available to all functions. The result for our clients is that, for example, all contacts are available to all Xylem functions.

Xylem is a single package. 

Most other systems want you to purchase separate packages for email managemenet, contact management, , etc. At Xylem, all functions described in this website are available for every client at one very low price. 

Xylem is easy to use. 

Our data entry screens, update screens and reporting is designed to be push-button simple. We fully understand that while electronic media is critical to your success, most people would prefer to spend their time in personal relationships with members of their teams and new contacts. Xylem has been designed to minimize the time you need to be online. 

Xylem is positioned to be the low-cost providor of Web Services for small to medium  organizations. 

At Xylem, our committment is to keep our costs as low as possible so that as many organizations as possible can use and leverage our product to be successful. We are passionate about our your success, and will continue to maintain this pricing policy as we develop new and exciting functions for your organization. 

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